Toronto is a city that thrives on coffee. 

We take our brew seriously, and as a result, local coffee shops can be found everywhere.  If you’d like to try a local coffee shop or cafe, here are 3 that are located in the Financial District.

Mos Mos Coffee

The name translates to “Savour the Moment,” and everything on their unique menu is crafted to remind you of that with each delicious sip.  The ordering system lets you customize your coffee down to the type of steamed milk you’d like added to your cup. The Matcha Latte is a must try if you’re a fan of green tea. 

Sam James Coffee Bar

A local franchise with a minimal menu, offering superior espresso based classics and strong brew coffee.  The baristas take their job seriously at SJCB, so if you’re the type that likes espresso brewed at a specific temperature, this place is for you. 


A pretty French-inspired cafe in First Canadian Place. Maman is a place to experience just for the beautiful decor alone.  Their menu features artisan coffees and baked goods. If you’d like to sit and stay a while, make the trip to Maman.

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