One of the very best ways to explore Toronto is by bike!

As the weather gets better, this mode of transport becomes more convenient, more fun and more appealing. Get ready to hit the road! Here are the things you need to know:

Bike Share locations are everywhere

Bike Share rents sturdy-framed bikes from about 360 Bike Share stations scattered throughout the city. The bikes can be taken from any station and returned to any station in the bike share system. They cost $3.25 per hour, $7.00 for a day pass and $15 for a three-day pass, plus deposit. The closest Bike Share docking station to the Strathcona is at York Street and Front Street West.

Watch out for the streetcar tracks

Almost every Toronto bicyclist has found this out the hard way: streetcar tracks can be dangerous, especially in wet weather. To prevent getting your wheel caught, which invariably leads to a nasty fall, slow down and cross the tracks at 45-degree angles.

Pass streetcars on the right

By law, you must pass streetcars on the right. When they stop to pick up or let off passengers, you need to stop two metres behind the rear door until all passengers have boarded and made it to the sidewalk.

You should wear a helmet

Although riders over the age of 17 are not legally obliged to wear helmets, it’s always a good idea. Nearly all bicyclists who have fatal accidents are not wearing a helmet.

Please don’t ride on the sidewalks

Cyclists aged 14 years and older are not allowed to ride on Toronto’s sidewalks. If you do, you could be fined $60, and if you’re cycling recklessly or negligently, the fine could be increased to $90.

The city has a pretty vast cycling infrastructure

Toronto has a network of designated cycling routes for travelling to destinations across the city. For commuting you can use the cycle tracks, bicycle lanes and shared roadway routes. For recreation and sightseeing, you’ll want to choose a multi-use pathway (also known as a trail).

We have beautiful bike trails

Bike trails are perfect for scenic scurries and in-depth exploration of our magnificent city. We have 25 of them, and each illustrates a different Toronto story. Here are a few to try:

  • Connecting the city to The Beaches, the 56-kilometre Martin Goodman Trail will take you through Toronto’s scenic waterfront.
  • The Beltline Trail is a repurposed railway going from Allen Road to Mount Pleasant Cemetery. Its southern sweep will take you to Evergreen Brickworks.
  • On the West Toronto Railpath, an in-progress trail that follows the route of an old railway, you’ll be protected from traffic while enjoying graffiti murals, a view of The Junction and the up-and-coming cultural area that is Sterling Road.
  • The trail in the Don River Valley Park runs alongside the Don River, connecting Toronto’s east end communities to wildlife and nature.

Biking is one of the most fun ways to enjoy the best of Toronto. Be sure to stay safe!

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