With the Blue Jays on the screens and the buzz on the street, it’s hard to top a summer weeknight at the Strathcona Pub.

If you’re looking for a place to chill out with a few friends, a few beers and some great eats this summer, the Strathcona Pub is your kind of place. Located on the ground floor of the Strathcona Hotel, this fan-friendly favourite is the financial district’s unofficial home for watching the game. And if you’re the person who can strike up a debate with a stranger about how good Vlad Jr. can be, you’ll find your sparring buddy here.

You’ll also find new pub specials, which our chefs spent the better part of a month putting together. Not too pricey but full of flavour, each dish was carefully chosen for the day of the week it’s offered. And they all pair perfectly with a beer (our libation of choice).

Monday Feature

Delicious peanut curry noodles with scallops and shrimp. $16.95

With a whole week still left to go, you don’t want to kick it off with something too heavy. This light, fish-filled plate of pasta is just what you need.

Tuesday Feature

Slow-cooked beef pot roast topped with caramelized onions and cherry tomato chutney and served with a garlic-spun mash and a buttered vegetable medley. $16.95

Tuesdays are the “free day” where you can load up on whatever you want. And if what you want is flavour, you’ll be thrilled with this choice.

Wednesday Feature

Chicken tikka masala served with fragrant basmati rice, fresh market vegetables and mango chutney. $16.95

This sub-continental staple is perfect for Hump Day. It’s as authentic as it gets, and it won’t leave you feeling overly full for Thursday party night. The mango chutney is the plate’s sweetest kiss.

Thursday Feature

Grilled whiskey-glazed baby back ribs with fries and house slaw. $16.95 half rack; $24.94 full rack

If you’re going to take it easy on Friday anyway, you might as well go all out on Thursday with ribs. These racks are the stickiest, sauciest and most mouth-watering in town. You might not look particularly classy as you eat them, but you’ll feel fantastic.

Friday Feature

A traditional and flavourful lamb curry served with rice, steamed fresh vegetables and raita. $16.95

Say bah bah to the week that was with this gorgeous lamb plate. The curry is just the right mix of sweet, savoury and spicy, and the raita on the side gives the meat a perfect dipping partner.

Final note: if the Jays are playing the Red Sox or Yankees, you’re best to call ahead for a table.

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