Toronto is falling in love with pizza again.

Restaurants across the city are reinventing the humble pie with innovative toppings and re-embracing old-world authenticity. Here is a roundup of some of the city’s best slices.

Pizza Libretto

Now with multiple locations, Libretto serves up Neopolitan-style pizza and represents several of Toronto’s hottest pizza destinations. Our favourite location, in the entertainment district, has intimate seating in an alleyway patio just off King Street, while the University and Adelaide location has, arguably, the best pizza in the Financial District. The crust is fresh, crisp, and slightly charred, and there’s a light touch on the sauce. Delicious toppings like San Marzano tomatoes with anchovy and kalamata olives; cremini and king oyster mushrooms with roasted garlic and thyme; or duck confit with bosc pear and rosemary, make every pie a top-end culinary experience. Libretto offers a great selection of local wines and beers as well as a cocktail menu featuring all the Italian classics (Negroni, anyone?). Gluten-free, dairy-free, nut-free, vegetarian and vegan options are all available, so no dietary restrictions will be a problem here.

Pizza Rustica

This casual eatery on Blue Jays Way is open 24 hours, so you can pop in for a quick lunch, or a late-night snack, or a bite on the way to a Jays, Leafs or Raptors game. The 10-minute walk from the Strathcona Hotel is just enough to work up an appetite for signature pies like the Rustica (prosciutto, roasted peppers, sun-dried tomatoes, goat cheese, mushrooms and mozzarella); Wild Mushroom (a medley of field and portobello mushrooms, herbed tomatoes, Gorgonzola and  cream sauce); or Prosciutto and Arugula (mozzarella and cherry tomatoes with a cream sauce topped with fresh arugula and prosciutto). Some of the best pizza in downtown Toronto, plus breakfast all day!

North of Brooklyn Pizzeria

Boasting five locations, North of Brooklyn serves up some of the city’s most creative slices, with toppings like kale and bacon, mozzarella and garlic ricotta, and the popular Killer Bee with Calabrese sausage, jalapeño, pickled red onions, oregano and honey. Hand-tossed dough with a light and thin crust lets the flavour and freshness of the toppings shine through. It’s a great place to grab a slice while strolling along Queen West, and definitely one of the city’s highest-quality delivery options.


A great choice for a high-end, dine-in experience, this classic Italian restaurant with three locations in Toronto brings pizza to the next level with top-quality ingredients, both locally sourced and imported from Italy. For an indulgently meaty mix, try the Affitisciuta (tomato, mozzarella, smoked scamorza and homemade spicy Italian sausage). For a more casual take, try Sud Forno. Also part of the Terroni family, this proper Italian bakery is the perfect spot to grab lunch on the go, with a daily selection of sliced pizza, prepared sandwiches, salads, and pastries.

Pizza in Toronto is entering a whole new era in 2019. Offering more than simple slices, these top-quality pizzerias will wow you with their innovative flavours and authentic techniques.

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